About the Author

George Manus was born in England 14th May 1939. His mother was Ida Nikoline Lindebrækker from Norway and his English father George Bernardes. The parents divorced and George grew up after the Second World War as the stepson of war hero Max Manus in Norway. He got the name Manus but was never adopted. All his professional life he was engaged in the Max Manus Companies and leader of same for 40 years. Throughout his adult life he has been thinking about A LOT and has made many notes along the way, as a study for the books he knew he would write when retired. George Manus has fulfilled his dreams and as of today has written 15 books. In his authorship one can sense the cosmopolite, which isn’t random. He has lived abroad and the last fifteen years in the South of Spain.

For those who may be interested in getting a deeper understanding of his background and who he is, have a look at “Ego presentation given at Furuset Rotary Club in Oslo in 1987″, see: NO FUTURE WITHOUT THE PAST.

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Reflections I

– in words and pictures

A reflection is an afterthought.

While things are happening, we only think about the here and now.  It’s only afterwards that we have the opportunity to rethink, analyse, consider and REFLECT.

In this book the author George Manus has reflected over this and that and also the somewhat unexpected.

No less than 61 reflections have been written, some of them dealing with difficult topics such as CHANGE and SENSITIVITY, while others deal with more down to earth topics like a TABLE and a PIPE. Yes, he has also reflected on a GOLFBALL
Some of the reflections are based on self-experienced stories and events, whereas in others, George focuses on abstract topics.

The book ‘REFLECTIONS I’ is complemented in an inspiring way by works by Danish architect and visual artist Jan Arnt from his series ‘Reflections in Colors’. Happy reading!

The revised 2nd edition is published 2017.

ISBN (UK) : 9788771884104

ISBN (NO) : 9788771884135

Reflections II

– in words and proverbs

Reflections II has been given its name because as the author, George Manus himself says:  My reflections have developed into stories.

In the book the author, George Manus, reflects over this and that as well as the somewhat unexpected. 

No less than 66 reflections have seen the light of day, from those dealing with moral topics such as AMBITIONS and DEPENDENCE, to the enjoyable OSCAR’S CONFIRMATION SPEECH.

Some of the reflections are self-experienced, whereas in others George Manus focuses on general topics. 

The book contains, apart from the reflections, 41 of the authors own proverbs.

The short stories are presented alphabetically and can thus be read individually.

Happy reading.

The revised 2nd edition is published  2017.  

ISBN (UK) : 9788771884159

ISBN (NO) : 9788771884142

Reflections III

– in words and fantasy images

A reflection is an afterthought.

While things are happening, we only think about the here and now. It´s only afterwards that we have the opportunity to rethink, analyse, consider and REFLECT. The author George Manus has through all his life reflected over large and small. This have already resulted in two books in this genre, the first, “REFLECTIONS I – in words and pictures”, and the second, “REFLECTIONS II – in words and proverbs”.

This third book got the title “REFLECTIONS III – in words and fantasy images”, as many of the reflections/stories are related to fantasy. The images are supplied by the Danish architect and visual artist Jan Arnts pictorial series FANTASIES. The book contains no less than 52 reflections /stories, where the author among others treats subjects like LIGHT and SHADOWS, WITH MY BACK AGAINST THE WALL and FEELING OF GUILT… Yes, even a TYPEWRITER is taken with loving care.

All are reflections /stories which can only make you wiser.

Happy reading.

Revised 2nd edition published in 2018

ISBN (UK) : 9788743000747

ISBN (NO) : 9788743000563


– and dashes

THOUGHTS provided the author with inspiration to write his book series REFLECTIONS I, II and III.

At first glance a thought and a reflection fit hand in glove, but according to George Manus, his thoughts are written in a more targeted fashion and over a short period of time, whereas he in his books REFLECTIONS writes over a much longer period, sometimes lasting years.

The book THOUGHTS was thus written in only 51 days, during which the author sat down at his computer every morning, with just one idea in mind, to get the thought written down, edited and corrected.

He also reaches far and wide, writing about China, the building activities taking place in Spain, a Ford Fiesta and the snow in Norway. We thus understand very well that he after 51 days felt that enough was enough and proudly declared that that was that, had a glass of red wine and went for a long walk through the magnificent landscape surrounding him.
After this, the 51 thoughts lay in a drawer for several years …

But the thoughts wanted OUT.

Then one day he sent the manuscript to his good friend, Ole Praud, and asked him if he could take charge of the practical side of things, like the layout, digitization and printing of the book.

The manuscript was also sent to the cartoonist, Morten Løfberg, asking if he could make a vignette for each of the stories and to the architect and artist, Jan Arnt, asking if he could supplement the book’s thoughts with some suitable and colourful dashes.

Thus the title of the book ’’THOUGHTS and Dashes’’.

The book can be recommended to everyone who likes wise and entertaining thoughts and dashes, where both the right and the left side of the brain become engaged.

ISBN (UK) : 9788771884081

ISBN (NO) : 9788771884098

70 år i Kommunikasjon

om Max Manus firmaene

Med boken 70 ÅR I KOMMUNIKASJON er det mitt ønske å gi leseren et innblikk i hvordan jeg, som annen generasjon i familiebedriften Max Manus, i mitt 77nde år, ser tilbake på utviklingen fra 1946 til 2016. I hele mitt yrkesaktive liv fra 1958 var jeg engasjert i firmaene under Max Manus paraplyen, og daglig ansvarlig fra 1967 og frem til rundt 2005, hvoretter stafettpinnen gikk over til tredje generasjon. Det var en spennende reise med store utfordringer, men også svært lærerik og med mange tilfredsstillelser. Ikke en eneste arbeidsdag var kjedelig.Tankene om å skrive boken kom som et resultat av at det i 2016 er 70 år siden min stefar Max Manus startet i kontormaskinbransjen. Boken gir, utover det firmahistoriske, et bilde av utfordringene jeg møtte. Ikke minst takket være lederen av Max Manus Forskning AS, Bjørn Andersens kreativitet til å utnytte datidens nye teknologi innen våre produktområder, får man et seriøst inntrykk av våre banebrytende utviklinger i perioden fra 1960 årene og frem til de første årene av 2000. Resultatet av utviklingen lå ofte mange år foran våre konkurrenter. I dag er Max Manus AS ledende på taleteknologi i Skandinavia, og går en spennende fremtid i møte.

George Manus

høsten 2016

ISBN (NO) : 9788771887730

Innovations & Creations

– inventions from 2003 to 2014

This all started in the beginning of 2000. I had partly retired from our family business with headquarters in Oslo, already in good hands of my daughter and son in law, and had moved to Spain to start my active retirement life with my Swiss wife Marianne, whom I married in 1998. My main hobby became inventions and creations, mainly related to Golf. I took it as my first challenge to construct the most compact collapsible Golf Trolley ever seen.

As a consequence of working with the above mentioned challenge, thoughts about reinventing the wheel was quite logical, as many golfers prefer to use an electric trolley. As I am a keen golfer myself, I constantly had in mind how one could improve one’s game by means of training aids. I first concentrated on a well-known challenge that most of us amateur golfer are facing, namely to keep the head and eyes behind the golf ball at impact. Not to confuse the reader too much, it is certainly difficult enough to understand a lot of the contents in the book, I decided to split between the various groups of developments leading to what in the end became “Golf Trolleys”, “MACWheel”, “The Short Game Coach”, “Golf Putters” and “Other Training Aids for Golf”.

Along the way I have made some simple documentation and taken photos of some of the models I made, mainly to prove the feasibility of the ideas and as background for the patent office to make drawings and to get an understanding of the various principles. I make excuses for my poor photographical skills. I have, in this book, tried to give an extract of what I have been through in my inventive world as a pensioner, so far, by presenting some of the material, following the sequence of the time when the ideas were tested.

Very little can give me more pleasure than the challenge and excitement forming part of creating something that one think no one else has done, as for example to reinvent the wheel. Who can be so stupid as to try that?

The South of Spain, Autumn 2014

George Manus

ISBN (UK) : 9788743001751

Words for the Road

– 114 Proverbs 

The Author George Manus has, in several of his books put in Proverbs written by himself. In advance of publishing this collection of 114 of them, he had no thoughts about them representing a mixture of Poetry, Folded hands, Aphorisms and Proverbs. In other words not only Proverbs. This book therefore, which presents them in both English and Norwegian, he named WORDS FOR THE ROAD, as his earlier ones have been published in both languages.

ISBN (UK) : 9788743000921

ISBN (NO) : 9788743000921

Words for the Road II

– 117 short reflections and puns

The Author George Manus released his first “WORDS FOR THE ROAD” in the spring of 2018.

This one he has dedicated to the “Inspiration”, which, according to him, is because two thirds of the content is written in just a few weeks – something he thinks he could thank a wave of inspiration for.

He simply calls the book “WORDS FOR THE ROAD II” with subtitle: 117 short reflections and puns, and present them like the first one in both English and Norwegian.

Could it be a coincidence that this book contains 117 short reflections, and the first one 114?

The Authors lucky numbers are 14 and 17.

ISBN: 9788771882148

Words for the Road III

– 121 short reflections and puns

The author George Manus released his first “WORDS FOR THE ROAD” in May 2018. The second saw daylight in December, and this, the third, came in Mars 2019. With this short interval between the release-dates in mind, he dedicated it to “The Time”.

He simply calls the book WORDS FOR THE ROAD III with subtitle: 121 short reflections and puns, and presents them like the two first ones in both English and Norwegian.
It´s not a coincidence that the first contained 114, the second 117, and this one 121 short reflections and puns.

Three of the authors lucky numbers are 14, 17 and 21.

ISBN: 9788743009368

Words for the Road IV

– 107 short reflections and puns

This is the fourth “WORDS FOR THE ROAD” that the author George Manus publishes, all within the last year. This one is presented, as the other three, both in English and Norwegian and has been given the subtitle: 107 short reflections and puns.

In total the books contain 459 short stories and puns, divided by 114 in the first, 117 in the second, 121 in the third and 107 in this one.

7, 14, 17 and 21 are the author lucky numbers. As all his lucky numbers now has been used, only time will tell whether this will be his last “WORDS FOR THE ROAD”.

ISBN: 9788743010920

Words for the Road V

– 141 short reflections and puns

This “Words for the Road V”, the fifth in the series, I have dedicated to the”Continuation” and given the subtitle: 141 short reflections and puns. With these 141, the total have now reached 600.

As I see it, there is always a continuation. It does not have to be a continuation of the same, and in this case it is a continuation of the first four books with the same name.
When the last of the four was released, most of the content of the fifth was already put on paper.

Related to the continuation I wrote a brief reflection in 1994, which is reproduced from page 18. It is about continuation, but in a completely different context. Most of the content in the book was first written in Norwegian and then translated into English, so I ask the reader to be overbearing about the English presentation, which often does not get quite the same rhythm and meaning as the Norwegian.

As in the previous four “Words for the Road”, the table of contents is presented in alphabetical order in both English and Norwegian. In the book the English comes first, with the corresponding Norwegian next to it.

ISBN: 9788743012191

Words for the Road VI

– 100 short reflections and puns

This WORDS FOR THE ROAD VI, the sixth in a row, I have dedicated to ‘Opinions’ and given the subtitle: 100 short reflections and puns. With these the total is now 700. All words for the road are expressions of my spontaneous opinions and thoughts when they were put on paper. Some of them the reader will find obvious while others could have been formed differently or not be included at all. But, from time to time it is hopefully some of them that stick out and give an afterthought. If so, my purpose for them is achieved.

The reflection ‘Opinions’ which I wrote in 2014, is taken from the book REFLECTIONS II and reproduced from page 14. Most of the content of this book is first written in Norwegian and then translated into English, so I ask the reader to be indulgent in the English presentation, which often does not get quite the same rhythm and meaning as the Norwegian.

As in the previous five WORDS FOR THE ROAD, the table of contents is presented in alphabetical order in both English and Norwegian. In the book the English comes first, with the corresponding Norwegian next to it. If you should get the feeling that youve heard some of them before, I can assure you it has never been my intention to plagiarize.

ISBN: 978-8743013280

A Woman’s Many Migrations

– La Paloma, a Woman in my life 

The book is about a woman who, in the period 1981 to 1995, moves her residence not less than 36 times. Is it an obsession, asks George Manus in the book, and is even in doubt, even though he has been in close contact with the woman for all 14 years. The author describes each move from house to cottage, to apartment, back to cottage, mess and whirl, and then to a new house in an infinite range, so you get exhausted.

Is it a kind of hobby asking George Manus?

ISBN (UK) : 9788771884111

ISBN (NO) : 9788771883411




George Manus Publications

The first time I gathered some of my reflections and stories, it resulted in the book Reflections, which was printed in a small friend edition in 2013. It deals with reflections I wrote in the period 1987 to 1997. Then followed in quick succession Thoughts and Event -The first 51 days in 2001 – A Woman’s Many Migrations and Reflection & Stories. All first printed in Norwegian and then translated into English.

It was never in my mind to try for publishing through publishers, as I through others in my family had understood that it was a long and winding road to go and one which very rarely resulted in releases.

For me, having passed seventy-five at that time, it was never a matter of becoming an author, but to get something about myself and my life, in one way or other, registered for those of my followers who one day may be interested in who this person really was. Particularly as for reasons, not of will, those in my family I per today have never met.

I have now, on paper, been retired since 2006, and have lived in Spain more or less permanently since then. As a hobby beside writing, I have been occupying myself with practical creations and innovations related to golf, so the days have been more than filled with activities like golfing with my wife Marianne from Switzerland whom I married in 1989 and otherwise plenty of daily activities.

My contact with a former sales manager and friend, Ole Praud, in Max Manus Denmark, a subsidiary of our Norwegian Company with the same name, have enabled me to put my manuscript’s on to paper and get them printed. I have kept contact with Ole since he left the Company in 1996 after many years of activity, He had, and has, after my opinion the right attitude and knowledge, not the least in the modern technology of data, to help me through all practical obstacles turning manuscript’s into books.

The above mentioned books which were printed in a small friend edition in 2013 -15 were, as you understand, not done through a publisher, but directly through a printer.

Living in Denmark and being the one he is, Ole, contacted the people and organized the hundreds of illustrations, both in black and white and colours, which according to me give an extra flavour to the books. The names of the illustrators are in the order they entered: Morten Løfberg – Jan Arnt – Julia Bøge and Laura Hamborg.

One day in xxxx when I was on the skype with Ole, he mentioned that he had heard about a Danish publisher called, Books on Demand, BoD.dk which operated in a somewhat new manner, at least to my knowledge. Providing they get your manuscript served according to their specification, they will print it in any volume, and have it distributed to channels according to their setup. To me the most important is that they get an ISBN number.

Distribution is made through the net and apart from hard copies, most of my books are also published as E-books.

When this homepage was set up, fourteen books have been published through BoD.dk, whereof a series of seven WORD FOR THE ROAD, each book in both English and Norwegian. The rest, apart from the book about the Max Manus Companies, which is in the process of being published in English, all are in both Norwegian and English apart from Innovations and Creations which is only published in English.

One can ask why, on this homepage, my writings are mixed with my other hobbies mostly related to golf?

One reason is that my colourful book INNOVATIONS and CREATIONS from 2014, may give you an interesting view of how a pensioner could spend thousands of hours focusing on creating golf related products which he thought was innovative, without having any serious plans of turning them into commercial products. Not because many of them could not, but that would, for capacity reasons, have taken my focus away from the creation as my aim was not to build up a new business, but to see what I could do in the basement, mostly using a jig-saw, some files, and other hand-tools from a carpenter’s toolbox. The page About Max Manus Innovation will specifically give you some more details about my innovations and creations.

George Manus

December 2019